Shifter is an Internet Information Center (IIS) that provides a web proxy for the web. The website of Shifter has many features that are useful for the Internet users. If you are using the internet, your browsing experience will be greatly enhanced if you use the Shifter website. It can help you connect with the websites faster and safer. There are several reasons why one should use the website of Shifter to surf the internet without being tracked.

The website of Shifter has many features that make surfing the web more convenient and fast. Users can perform anonymous browsing. This feature is an excellent protection against hackers. When you visit any website that is not secure, hackers will capture your personal data. With the help of the website of Shifter, you can choose to remain anonymous while surfing the internet. You can also do a double check on the information you have entered into the website to make sure it is right.

The other features of Shifter are its proxy service and the web proxy list. The Shifters web proxy service is similar to the normal websites, but the difference is the fact that it uses the Shifters IP to access the internet. This is done in a secured manner. All the information that you enter will be received by the servers of the web proxy and won't be viewable by the general public. There are many websites that allow users to browse the internet without revealing their IP addresses.

Another important function of the website is that it can protect you from the various spamming techniques. The web proxy will prevent the users from being spammed while they are online. It will also ensure that the users are safe from different kinds of malware that may be downloaded from the internet.

The website of Shifters also has an internet section where different kinds of software used for different types of programs can be downloaded. The categories include music, videos, images and web designing. These are some of the functions of the website that are of great help to the web browsers. The users can also create their own forums and create a network of other web users who also want to use the same internet services. The forums can be accessed by everyone who is connected to the internet using Shifters network.

All the features of the web proxy can be accessed without having to log in to the internet. The users just need to be able to visit the site and log in using one of the user names that have been given to them. Once, the user logs in, all the features of the website will be available to the user. coupon code of the shifter web proxy include anonymous browsing, proxy server, filtering, account registration, IP hiding, and hiding your IP address.

The web-browsing experience with the help of the Shifters will be more comfortable and safe than before. The users can also download videos, images, music, and other things to their computers from these websites. The users will also be able to post and share any kind of content on the internet using their web browsers. The content can include pictures, music, games, applications and other things that can easily be shared on the internet.

There are various types of categories available in the internet servers that are used by the internet users to access the internet. The categories include social networks, discussion boards, online gaming websites, shopping sites, media websites, free websites and other websites. The shifter web proxy can be accessed from anywhere in the world and it will function effectively without giving an internet history. The users can make the use of their email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail to access the internet. The categories of websites that can be accessed using the internet have a large number.